Dog and Cat Boarding Services in Tampa

Arrive As a Guest – Leave As Family!

We believe “successful” boarding is the result of a partnership between you, your veterinarian, and Fuzzie Buddies working together for the best interest of your family member. As a guest, we believe you deserve our best efforts in preparing you and your family member for the best possible experience at Fuzzie Buddies.

Service That You Can “Trust” and Gives You Peace of Mind

We give “one-on-one” personal service to every pet that visits Fuzzie Buddies – each receives several loving and caring interactions with our staff each day.

Each dog suite is large enough to have its own “indoor play area” – where they can exercise freely – and they are not in a “cage” of any type or size. Soft music playing continuously provides comfort and a tranquil environment.

Outside, for your dog’s enjoyment, there are 11 large 35′ x 20′ individual play areas where boarding dogs receive two walks per day and get to exercise and play.

Cats enjoy their own climate controlled area – separate from dog boarders. Seven foot high Luxury Kitty Condos with 6 different play levels, four corner post beds and soft music create a relaxing atmosphere.



Dog Boarding

JUNIOR SUITES – Back room 4′ x 10′ + Front room 4′ x 4′ – 4 Foot Walls – $40 Per Night
QUEEN SUITES – Back room 4′ x 10′ + Front room 4′ x 6′ – 4 Foot Walls – $46 Per Night
KING SUITES – Back room 4′ x 10 ‘ + Front room 4′ x 6’ – 6 Foot Walls – $54 Per Night
LUXURY SUITES – Back room 4′ x 8.5′ + Front room 8′ x 8.5′ – 8 Foot Walls – $69 Per Night

TV VIEWING to make them feel right at home
WEB CAM – Watch your family member – FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Multiple Pet Discount on Boarding Services

(When boarded in the same suite)
First Pet = Full Price, Second Pet = 10% Discount, Third Pet = 20% Discount

Slammer Favorites
  • Playtime – 3 options – $6 – $9
  • Pool time – $10
  • Daycare While Boarding -$19
  • Cuddle Time – $8
  • Bed Time Tuck-In – $10
  • Snack Bar – $3
  • Text Message – $1 per message
  • Picture Message – $2 per message – one picture per message
  • Picture & Text Message – $3 per message – one picture per message
  • Business Walk – $5
  • Sunshine Time – $7
  • Couch Time – $10

Multiple Pet Discount

  • First Pet = Full Price
  • Second Pet = 10% Discount
  • Third Pet = 20% Discount


All Client food should be provided in a labeled and sealed container.


Pets must be accompanied by proof of vaccinations from their veterinarian.


  • DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella given every 6 months (Canine Cough) and K9 Influenza (H3N8 + H3N2) vaccines – Forms accepted in: H3N2 & H3N8 Combo — OR — H3N2 & H3N8 individual vaccines. For example: If you dog is already current on H3N8, they only need the H3N2 vaccine — OR — If your dog is not current on a K9 flu vaccine, the H3N2 & H3N8 Combo is an option.
  • Due to a recent Dog Flu outbreak just North of Miami we are requiring all pets to have the Completed flu vaccine before participating in activities at Fuzzie Buddies.
  • The H3N8 & H3N2 Dog flu vaccine is a 2 part serries shot.  You get the first shot then a couple of weeks later get the second shot.  Then it is an annual vaccine after that.

CATS – FVCRCP & Rabies.

Dog Boarding

We give “one-on-one” personal service to every dog that visits Fuzzie Buddies

Cat Boarding

Cats enjoy their own climate controlled area separate from dog boarders

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