The best of both worlds – we bathe your pet – we clean up!

Let us bathe & brush your dog for you — and save yourself the time and mess.

  • While they are being boarded

  • During daycare – simply request a bath when you drop off in the morning

  • Before friends come for a visit in your home

  • Immediately after they “roll in something”

  • Anytime you need then to be soft, fresh and clean

What’s Included?

A baths include ear cleaning, full body blow dry, and a brush out.

What is the cost?


(Includs ear cleaning, full body blow dry and brush out )

Nail Trim = $10

Dematting = $15 for first 15 minutes – $1 for each minute after that

Furmenating = $10 for each 15 minutes

Why Choose Fuzzie Buddies!

  • "One of the top 10 pet resorts in the USA!" - Dr. Eddie Garcia D.V.M.
  • Affordable competitive prices!
  • Conveniently located - close to Harbour Island, Davis Island, Hyde Park, & South Tampa.- 2 miles from downtown Tampa.
  • Incredible and compassionate staff - someone you can trust with your pet!
  • Your pet's health & safety!
  • Dog Suites – each with 2 rooms!
  • Deluxe Kitty Condos!
  • Inclusive complimentary amenities!
  • Golden year services!
  • Best daycare available!
  • Peace of mind!